Weltkonferenz für Transaktionsanalyse 2017

Grenzen – Orte … der Begegnung … der Entwicklung … der Definition von Identität.

Das ist das Motto der Weltkonferenz für Transaktionsanalyse in Berlin – organisiert von der EATA, ITAA und FTAA und ausgerichtet von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Transaktionsanalyse DGTA.

Termin: 27. – 29. Juli 2017
Ort: Technische Universität Berlin (TU), Straße des 17. Juni 135–136, 10623 Berlin

Workshop with Andrea Landschof:

„Open internal borders and develop hidden potential“

In our stories and memories that we tell about ourselves, the inner screenplay of our life will be revealed. Sometimes our memories and identity beliefs are true. Sometimes they limit us and let us believe in fateful ways which are not ours at all. In the Workshop we open the look for internal borders and we will search for the traces of latent talents, which are concealed as potential of thinking, feeling and action covert in our stories.

I will offer exercises to detecting internal „latent talents“  and teach, how I work with identity convictions, self-defined memories and ineffective beliefs. Participants are invited to personal cooperation. Suitable for coaches and advisers, who work in the personal and occupational (new-) orientation and for people who want to develop their own potentials and her latent talents.

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